Instagram Q&A - Future Travel Plans, Am I Religious&a Lot More!

Instagram Q&A – Future Travel Plans, Am I Religious&a Lot More!

Instagram Q&A – Future Travel Plans, Am I Religious&a Lot More!
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”-vIq6e7amSM” title=”Instagram Q&A – Future Travel Plans, Am I Religious&a Lot More!” upload_time=”2016-04-04T17:12:28.000Z” description=”Don’t hesitate to check out my blog : If you want to see more pictures, travels, posts about literature,music&life in general. Add me on Facebook : Follow” duration=”PT11M47S”]
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If you want to see more pictures, travels, posts about literature,music&life in general.
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17 thoughts on “Instagram Q&A – Future Travel Plans, Am I Religious&a Lot More!

  1. Did you say you’d like to hang out with Matthew Gray Gubler? Oh, man, would
    I ever too. He’s fantastic. ^_^

  2. have you watched some of wong kar wai’s movies?
    in the mood for love and chungking express are so beautiful
    i’m sure you’d love them

  3. why do you want to go to burma they have currently 3 war zones and the most
    dangerous drug area the golden triangle its worse than columbia

  4. Have u watched Waking Life by Richard Linklater ( Who directed Boyhood and
    the Before Sunrise, Before Sunset and Before Midnight ) ???

  5. I would go with you to Kazakhstan, I’ve never left the country but I’m in
    the US 😀 and Wow I’ve never met anyone with atheist parents. I’m an
    atheist but I embrace religions and find them beautiful. In the US
    Christianity is really pushed on you and so I’ve had many problems with
    super religious friends and family and have been outcasted because of it.

  6. Salut Emy! J’ai pas mal voyagé toute seule (d’ailleurs si tu veux quelques
    conseils pour l’asie pour cet été, j’ai vécu dans le coin un moment) mais
    impossible de trouver la motivation pour partir solo au Kazakhstan, même si
    je ne pense qu’à ça depuis des années!! Donc je raise my hands, both, et si
    tu veux que je te laisse mon mail quelque part dis moi, ça pourrait être

  7. Richard Linklater is my favorite director. You have great taste in art.
    American women could learn from you :)

  8. Hey I am from Myanmar and you mentioned that you’re going to visit Myanmar
    in Dec. Here are some places you must visit in Myanmar. hahah i just wanna
    help. you must visit Bagan, which is an ancient city filled with temples
    and pagoda. The whole city is so magical and i can guarantee that you will
    love it for sure. You can ride hot air balloon their. The sunset in Bagan
    is pretty famous and many foreigners come to bagan only for that. You can
    climb to some temples (they have stairs lol) to see sunset but i heard that
    it’s banned now but im sure it’s still allowed for some certain temples.
    You will see many ppl waiting their whole evening with some DSLR cameras
    just to catch a glimpse of sunset. There are tons of temples that u can
    visit. The whole city is basically full of temples (if u dont believe me,
    just google it) 😀 for the transportation during in Bagan, well many
    foreigners rent bike or bicycle to travel around. You will see real Bagan
    by doing that well of course it will save money for you. Next destination
    for you is Taunggyi which is in Shan state. It’s third biggest city in the
    country. It’s very cold part of the country and you are visiting in Dec so
    you might wanna bring some warm clothes. You will love the food there since
    you’re vegan. They have so many dishes made with greens and plants. Visit
    Inle Lake while you’re in Shan state, It’s really pretty there and spend a
    night in a lake if possible. u’ll love it. Next destination is Yangon,
    which is old capital. Now it’s just commercial city. Go to Shwedagon Pagoda
    while you’re in Yangon. It’s like Eiffel tower of Myanmar haha expect it’s
    pagoda. Visit downtown area, they still have some building from 40s and
    they have amazing architecture. While you’re in downtown, visit Bogyoke
    Market. The market has everything. The food, the antiques, textiles,
    jewelry, arts and everything. The Market itself is famous for its
    architectural buildings. Myanmar is relatively a safe place with little
    crime. People are very kind and nice and always smiling lol. Yet, u might
    wanna take care of yourself from pick pocketer. Oh one important etiquette
    is that u cannot wear shoes if u are going into pagodas or temples or
    someone else house. It’s hard for me to recommend for food since you’re
    vegan. I mean we don’t have places or restaurants that only sell vegan
    food. but still there are restaurants that sell certain vegan food. I’m
    sure you ll do fine. I think that’s it. haha Just reply back if you wanna
    know more. Have a nice day! xx

  9. I’m going to Cambodia this Summer as well, as well as Vietnam and Thailand
    🙂 I can’t wait to see Angkor Wat, it just seems so huge and mystical! The
    food looks so good as well!

  10. I have a good movie for you, ‘They Live’, starring Roddy Piper(deceased
    2015). It’s a Grade B movie, but I thought it was a very good movie. This
    film might help to explain why rental rates are high en Paris, and many
    other cities throughout the world.

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